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Supplies needed:

I use PSP 7 but this tutorial can be done in other versions of PSP.

Mask "WSL_Mask84" Of Weescotslass  found HERE or HERE.

A magnificent scrapkit offered by Kara: Sweet Cravings Scraps found HERE. Thank you very much, Kara for this wonderful freebie.

2 of your choice, but of the same artist.
I use2 free tubes of: La Cueva De La Osa Honey - they come with the kit.

1 Font of your choice - I used "HoneyBold"



Tube of your choice. Whether free or not, the credit must be given to the artist and NOT the tuber and should be placed on your tag like this:
 ©Osa Honey -
Vivi tagged me

If you make an IM letter or other stationery, you must give credit for the tubes & licence but also do credit the tut writer and scrapkit maker in the footer.

Do not direct link to the tutorial THANKS!

Tubes dolls:



For members of PSP4ALL
Please put the same background - color  # FFFFFF for my results page, and change it if you want for your paper. Thank you.


Add this shadow to all the elements and the tube:
V 2 - O 52
 H 2 - F 6,2

Do not add a shadow to the frame.

Let's start!
1. Open an image 700x700 and fill with white. Resize and make bigger -> Images-> size medium.
Add a layer -> Layer-> New Layer and fill it with paper "SCS_BTS_Paper20"
Apply your mask "WSL_Mask84" -> Masks-> New-> a from an image and then Ok-> Masks-> delete.

Move it to the  right and duplicate-> Layers-> Duplicate-> Image-> Flip.

2. Open frame "SCS_BTS_PolaroidFrame1" and resize to 70%
Take your magic wand and click inside the frame. Selections-> Modify-> Expand by 20 and do not deselect.
Add a Layer-> Layers-> New Layer and fill it with paper "SCS_BTS_Paper20" deselect and move this layer below the frame.
Duplicate this layer-> Layers-> Duplicate and close it, activate the first layer. Open the paper "SCS_BTS_Paper19"
450 px resize and put in the foreground like this:

Take your tool-> Rubber selective and go over your layer.
Open the layer that is closed and on the layer palette, set this layer to  Multiply like this:

3. Open wordart2 "SCS_BTS_WordArt2" and resize to 30%.
On the frame Selections-> Select All-> Selections-> Float-> Selections-> Defloat.
Selections-> Modify-> Contract by 9. Layer-> New Layer and fill with your foreground "SCS_BTS_WordArt2" using the flood fill tool. Take the lasso tool and remove the surplus that covers the "First day of school" wordart. Deselect

4. Open Item "SCS_BTS_WordArt1" and resize to 30%
Copy and paste as new layer. Image-> rotate-> Right, 20 free and place in the top left.

Open the elements "SCS_BTS_Flower1 & SCS_BTS_Flower2" and resize to 30% copy paste as new layer.
Place them on top of your mask and put them where you want or as in my tag above, lower the opacity of these layers to 30.

Open Item "SCS_BTS_Flower4" and resize to 30% and copy paste as new layer in the upper right

Open Item "SCS_BTS_Scissors3" and resize to 50% -> Image-> Flip-> Image-> Rotate 40 right.
Copy and paste as new layer in the bottom right.

Open Item "SCS_BTS_PaintBrush4" and resize to 50% -> Image-> Rotate 20 left and copy paste as new layer in the bottom right.

Open Item "SCS_BTS_Pencil3" and resize to 50% -> Image-> Flip and place the bottom right, see my tag above.

5. Open your tubes or dolls of scrapkit "Oh_SugarKinaMyPencil3 & Oh_SugarKinaMyPencil2"
Copy and paste the tube "Oh_SugarKinaMyPencil3" as a new layer and place on the left of your tag.

Copy and paste the 2nd Tube "Oh_SugarKinaMyPencil2"Position below the frame and remove the excess with your lasso tool.

6. Write your text with the police "HoneyBold" and the color of your choice, size 28.
 Selections-> Select All-> Selections-> Float-> Selections-> Defloat -> Selections-> Modify-> Expand by  2 -> Layers-> New Layer fill with  color # 5B0000 and drag the layer below, deselect.

Apply the dropped shadow with the settings given above.

7. Close the layer with your white background -> Layers-> Merge-> Merge Visible.
Copy paste as new image then Layers-> new layer and fill it with white and drag this layer below your tag-> Layers-> Merge-> Merge visible.

Resize your tag if so wished to 90%.
Add your credits on your tag. Your tag is now finished. Save your tag in JPG.


That's over, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. See your soon!

Tutorial written by Vivi Tuts 4U the 15/09/2010 -::-