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Supplies needed:

I use PSP 7 but this tutorial can be done in other versions of PSP.

Filters: Alien Skin Xenofex 2,  Eye Candy 5 impact & Penta

1 Mask of Gems "gemsmask9.jpg" that you find HERE Take "Gemsmasks1"

1 Un scrapkit of Serenity Sheri's that you find HERE

A font of your choice I have used "Scrap Spangled"

1 tube of your choice

I am using a tube which is ©Elias Chatzoudis - www.
You need a license for this tube. You can buy the tube HERE

You can find some nice free tubes HERE but make sure that the artist is still Free To Use and has not gone Pay To Use!



Tube of your choice. Whether free or not, the credit must be given to the artist and NOT the tuber and should be placed on your tag like this:

©Elias Chatzoudis - www.
- MPT4096 -             Vivi tagger me

If you make an IM letter or other stationery, you must give credit for the tubes & licence but also do credit the tut writer and scrapkit maker in the footer.

Do not direct link to the tutorial THANKS!

Crédit Tutorial:



For members of  PSP4ALL
Please send a copy of your result with the same background as mine #161624, You can change it for your own use of course.


Let's start!

Shadows to all elements and tube:
V 2   O 40
H 2    F 2

1. Open a new image 800x700 and fill with color #161624 Open your scrapkit and open the Background "st_patrioticpaper07"
Layers-> New Layer and fill with "st_patrioticpaper07" Open your mask "gemsmask9.jpg"
Then -> Mask -> New -> From a picture -> Ok. Then Masks-> delete.

2. Open "st_patrioticblingcluster01" copy paste as new layer and place it to the left as in my result.

3. Open "st_patrioticframe02" and copy and paste-> Image-> Flip and place to the left as in result.
Take your lasso tool with the following configurations: Free Hand and Progressivity: 0 and go around the star.
Once you have gone around, add a new layer and fill with # 8C0D14-> Effects-> Texture Effects-> Store with the following configurations:

Width: 2    Color: blanc
Opacity: 16  And check the 2 boxes OK.

Deselect and drag this layer underneath your star.
Do-> Gum selective and fill the 2 arms of the star on the left side with "st_patrioticpaper07".

Do -> Selections-> Select All-> Float->Defloat and paste your tube as new layer and delete with the delete key on your keyboard.
4. Duplicate your tube -> Layers-> Duplicate twice. Click on the first duplicated layer -> Effects-> Filters-> Penta-> Jeans with the following configurations:

Amount: 6
Border width: 4

Click on the 2nd duplicated layer -> Effects->Texture Effects->Weave with the following configurations:

On the Layers palette set the opacity of this layer to 50. Click on the arrow and select Multiply instead of Normal.

5. Copy paste your tube and place on the right as in my results above.
Then do -> Effects-> Filters-> Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 impact-> Perspective Shadow with the following configurations:

6. Open  "st_patrioticbutterfly01" "st_patrioticstar01, 02 and 03" Resize the butterfly to 40% and then Image-> Rotate Right-> Free - 20 and ok.
Copy paste as new layer in the upper left. See my results above.
Resize star "st_patrioticstar01" to 40% and the star "st_patrioticstar02" to 50%. Copy and paste as new layers and position them as in my result.
Resize star "st_patrioticstar03" at 60% copy and paste it into your Animation Shop - we'll use it later.


Now turn to the text:

My font Scrap Spangled size 48.

Set the foreground color to # 161624 and background to "st_patrioticpaper07" like this:

Open a new image 800x700 and make a circle with the tool-> Predefined Form and check anti-alias and vector and make your circle as large as the tag.
Write your text in the circle and cut your text and go back by clicking

Recoller your text as a new layer in the same image then-> Selection-> Select All-> float> defloat-> Selection-> Modify-> Expand by 2 and fill with white. Copy your text and paste as new layer on top.  Merge -> Layers-> Merge-> Merge visible layers. Copy and paste your text on your tag as new layer.

Resize your tag to 80%. Add the credits and let's animate



Click on your mask layer and resize your tag if necessary, removing any excess.
Then-> Effects-> Alien Skin Xenofex 2 -> Constellation with the following configurations:

Do-> Layers-> Merge-> Merge visible and copy and paste in Animation Shop.
Back in PSP and go back by clicking And repeat ->Effets->Alien Skin Xenofex 2->Constellation - click on Random Seed.
Layers-> Merge-> Merge visible layers
and copy and paste into animation shop after your first image :  right click-> paste-> After current frame.
 Back in PSP and repeat  Effects-> Alien Skin Xenofex 2 -> Constellation and click on Random Seed.

Copy paste into Animation Shop -> right click-> paste-> After current frame. Now you have 3 frames. Edit-> Select All.

Click on the star you pasted in AS earlier and apply an effect on it-> Effects-> Insert an effect on an image with the following configurations:

Delete the first frame and you now have 3 frames-> Edit-> Select All and copy paste it on your tag as in my result above.
Your tag is now finished. Save your tag as a gif. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Vivi.


Huge thanks to Martine for all the help she gives me and for her translation.

-> Martine's site: Chez Martine <-

.:: Tutorial written by Vivi on 06/21/2009 ::.

Background : tube ©Elias Chatzoudis - www.

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