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Supplies needed:

I use PSP 7 but this tutorial can be done in other versions of PSP.

Filters: Xero: Fritillary and Radiance - Eye Candy 4000: Gardient Glow

A mask by Vix "Vix_Mask428" to be found HERE

A template by Ali "DBA XMAS TEMP 2010 _1" to be found in the zip.

Snow and Template HERE

A picture of your choice with permission to use - there are some here  Stock.xchng. Look under Nature / Seasons / Winter on page 11 there are  two beautiful pictures "bird table et Owl" that may be suitable.

I use a tube
I use a tube and the image that comes with it. Both are
©Tooshtoosh -  If you want to use the same tube, you need to buy it  HERE



Tube of your choice. Whether free or not, the credit must be given to the artist and NOT the tuber and should be placed on your tag like this:

©Tooshtoosh - - Toosh0052

If you make an IM letter or other stationery, you must give credit for the tubes & add your licence but also do credit the tut writer and scrapkit maker in the footer.

Do not direct link to the tutorial THANKS!

Crédit of tuto:
Crédit Template:

For members of PSP4ALL
Please put the same background color to #FFFFFF my results page, and change it if you want for your paper or another thank you.

Drop Shadow I have used throughout:

V 4 - O 58
 H 4 - F 5


Let's start!
1. Open the template "DBA XMAS TEMP 2010 _1" the click on Image-> Canvas Size and enter 1000x600
Layers-> New Layer and fill it with white. Move it under all the layers, right at the bottom.

Open a new image 600x600 and fill with the color you want. I used the blue from my tube: # 31739D
Apply your mask "Vix_Mask428" -> Masks-> New-> from an image. Okay then-> Masks-> delete
Copy paste as new layer-> Images-> rotate and move it to the left, then duplicate and Mirror  and place on the right.


2. Close all layers except the background, masks and raster5.
Raster 5: Selections -> Select All-> Selections-> Float-> Selections-> Defloat and fill with a color off your tube.
Apply the Xero filter --> Fritillary -> Effects-> Xero-> Fritillary with these settings:

Deselect and add the filter Eye Candy 4000 -> Effects-> Filters-> Eye Candy 4000 -> Gradient Glow  as follows:

And add a drop shadow:

V 4 - O 58
 H 4 - F 5

Do the same with the other layers: Raster 6.9, 8 and 7.


3. Raster 2: Selections-> Select All-> Selections-> Float-> Selections-> Defloat. Layers-> New Layer-> Selection-> Invert Copy and paste the image you want and delete the surplus with the SUPPR key on your keyboard, do not deselect and paste your tube, remove surplus with the SUPPR key.

Add an effect on your tube do-> Effects-> Filters-> Xero-> Radiance:

Delete these layers 2, 4, 11 et 13.


4. Raster 12: Apply the Xero filter: Fritillary and Eye Candy 4000: Glow gardient twice with the same settings as in step 2.
Raster 3: you can either delete it or keep it to put your name on it.

On the tag above I deleted it but kept it on the tag below, at the end of the tutorial. Apply the same effects (Fritillary and Gradient Glow) to it.

And I wrote my name. See my results below.


5. Raster 10 to apply the filter Xero: Fritillary always with the same settings in Step 2.
Make-> Effects-> 3D Effects> Inner Bevel with the following features:


6. Leave Raster 14 as is and move onto Raster 1.
Selections-> Select All-> Selections-> Float->Selections - > Defloat.  Add a Layer-> colour as you wish.

If you want to colour each letter individually as I did, select your letters one by one with your lasso tool.

Add the  Xero: Fritillary effect and then Eye Candy 4000: Glow gardient See step 2.


7. Copy and paste your tube as new layer and place it towards the left, then duplicate and back to the original tube add a Gaussian blur.
Effects-> Blur-> Gaussian Blur of 3. Back on the 2nd tube and add a drop shadow:

V 4 - O 58
 H 4 - F 5

Resize your tag at 80% if you wish and add your credit on your tag.


8. Animation

Close all the layers from the top to the frame included, you must have this:

Click on Layers-> Merge-> Merge visible. Copy and paste in Animation Shop and duplicate your image 9f times, you must have 10 pictures in all:

Then Edit-> Select All. Open your snow inAS and do Edit> Select All.
Copy and paste the snow on your picture like this:


Go back to PSP, close the layer of your merged image and open all the other layers above. Merge them visible.
You have this:

Copy paste this new merged image in Animation Shop. Click on the first frame - > Select All and Copy
Click on the first merged animation - the animation to which you added the snow; click on its first frame and Select All and Paste.

Make sure everything is as you wish and save.


Another example:


That's it, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. See your soon!

-::- Tutorial written by Vivi Tuts 4U on 28/11/2010 -::-